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Melting Ice Since 1991

Prevent falls and injuries this winter by using Brody Chemical's industrial snow and ice melt. 
Melt ice quickly and safely using our custom blends of sodium chloride and magnesium chloride.
Choose Eco Melt and Polar Ice Melt for the most pet-friendly and environmentally-friendly experience.
Choose Ice Beater and Sub Zero to add calcium chloride and improve performance at temperatures below 0° F. 
Brody Chemical ice melt is concrete friendlyvegetation friendly,​ spreader compatible​, and tracking resistant​ when applied according to package directions. All options available in reinforced 20-pound and 50-pound bags. 
Available with or without light blue coloring tint to assist with uniform application. Made in the USA.

Bulk discounts available by pallet, single truckload, and multiple truckloads: 

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Bulk Ice Melt

Purchasing your ice and snow melt supplies straight from Brody Chemical gives you reliable supply, trustworthy lead times, consistent quality, exemplary customer service, and the security knowing you’re buying from an eco-conscious company. Available at wholesale prices intended for distributors, landscapers, facilities, and retail.
Manufactured using pure chlorides from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Call Now for Bulk Pricing! (800) 593-1937