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Ice Beater
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Ice Beater is specially formulated for exothermic reaction providing fast results in extreme cold temperatures.

Available for All
✓Works in Sub-Zero Temperatures
✓Better Performance Below 0° F
✓10% Calcium Chloride
✓Available With or Without Light Blue Tint

✓Sodium Chloride
✓Liquid Magnesium Chloride
✓Sodium Silicate
✓Spreader Compatible
✓Made in the USA

Concrete Friendly
✓Vegetation Friendly
✓Corrosion Resistant
✓Tracking Resistant
✓Consistent Quality

✓Reinforced Bags
✓20-pound Size
✓50-pound Size
✓Reliable Supply
✓Bulk Discounts

Ice Beater ice melt is faster and more effective at melting snow and ice in sub-zero temperatures.

A blend of Sodium Chloride (salt), Calcium Chloride (exothermic heat), Magnesium Chloride, and Sodium Silicate (corrosion inhibitor). This product contains 10% Calcium Chloride which is the raw ingredient that gets "hot." 

Apply 1-2 pounds of product per 200-500 square feet of surface, depending on ice and snow conditions.

Call Now for Bulk Pricing! (800) 593-1937