Why Us?

We offer a competitive advantage because of our location to the Great Salt Lake, over 30 years of long-standing manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies, and a team of employees who are dedicated to servicing our customers.

We have manufactured Billions of pounds of ice melt since we opened our doors.

  • High Visibility
Polar Ice Melt is infused with high visibility pellets that allow you to see where it has been spread, maximizing the utility yield per bag.
    • Best Traction
    Our ice melt granule size provides traction on ice, snow, or wet concrete, increasing passage safety on snowy or icy sidewalks, steps, and walkways.
      • Concrete Defender
      Used properly, Polar Ice Melt will not harm concrete. It is specially designed to reduce the concrete-damaging "freeze-thaw" cycle that creates cracks on concrete by leaving a layer of protective coating when melted.
        • ECO-Friendly
        Polar Ice Melt isn't mined from the ground, it's harvested through a natural evaporation and collection process. We are proud that we yield the cleanest and purest ice melt product in the market, and it doesn't require digging thousands of feet into the earth to retrieve.
          • Fast Acting & Long Storage Life
          Once applied to ice or snow, Polar Ice Melt works on contact and continues to work throughout the day and night. Kiln-dried and infused with an anti-caking agent, Polar Ice Melt has an extended shelf-life that insures ease of use for future storms.