Bulk Ice Melt That Is Better Than Rock Salt


Whether you are a contractor, distributor, or landscaper, purchasing bulk ice melt will help your business. Winters are unpredictable, and it will be to your advantage to have ice melt at the ready for those harsh snow and ice storms. Ice melting products from Brody Chemical will help you cover large areas for reasonable prices.

If you are a landscaper living in a climate with a guaranteed winter, and you’re struggling with what to do during the cold months, consider using a product like Snow & Ice Melt “Clear” for snow removal jobs. You could always inconveniently relocate to warmer climates every winter to try and find landscaping work, but it will be easier on you if you stay and work with what the cold weather is offering you.

As a contractor, you might want to purchase ice melt in bulk to keep your projects moving smoothly. Don’t let ice or snow stop or slow down your work. If you’ve been hired to clear snow, make your shoveling and plowing easier by using ice melt. Using a product like Ice Melter, which can melt snow in temperatures down to -57°F without damaging tires, grass, trees, plants, cement, or asphalt, will make your customers happy and likely to hire you again.

Distributors should consider purchasing bulk ice melt from Brody Chemical to supply quality products for retailers or customers. Brody Chemical ice melts leave no residue, they are colored blue to make it easier to track where the ice melt is being applied, and the products are safe and affordable.  

Brody Chemical offers a number of different ice melting salts, like Polar Ice Melt, Snow and Ice Melt Plus, Ice Beater, Liquid Ice Melter, and more. Also, the ice melts from Brody Chemical are safer, more powerful, and more environment-friendly than plain rock salt, which can damage concrete and, when it melts, run off of hard surfaces and harm grass, plants, and the animals that feed on them.

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