Worst Snowstorms in History

Winter is always an exciting time of year, particularly when celebrating the holidays or hitting the slopes on the weekend. For some, however, winter has brought with it some truly remarkable storms and temperatures. Check out some of these intense winter storms ever recorded in human history.

Blizzard in Buffalo

1. In 1977, Buffalo experienced an extreme blizzard that left so much snow that this group of children was able to reach up and touch streetlights from the top of a snow pile. The blizzard caused 70 mph winds and a wind chill of -60 degrees. This storm is still considered one of the worst ever recorded in the region’s history.

Versoix, Switzerland ice storm

    2. In January, 2005, these cars (parked by Lake Léman located in Versoix, Switzerland) were completely encased in ice after extremely cold temperatures and high wind speeds caused water from the lake to blow over the town and immediately freeze. The temperatures were so cold that the spray blown over the town froze onto everything it came in contact with.

    frozen fish in Norway

    3. This photo was taken just a few miles from the northern shores of Norway near the small island of Lovund. Because of strong wind speeds and a temperature of only -7.8 degrees, along with an extreme wind chill, this part of the ocean froze so quickly that it was able to freeze this large amount of fish in place, mid-swim. Other animals nearby were also found frozen in or on the ice.

    Nebraska winter storm

    4. This photo taken in Nebraska during the polar vortex of 2014 shows light shining through this building that was completely covered in ice. Firefighters were trying to put out a fire inside the building. The polar vortex of 2014 caused extremely cold temperatures all across the northeast region of the United States and Canada, covering whole cities and towns in snow and ice.

    frozen lighthouse

    5. In 2013, many areas in the Northeast experienced similar cold and snowstorms as were later experienced in 2014. This photo of a lighthouse on Lake Michigan, first believed to be from 2014, went viral on the Internet because of the way the ice made it look like an ice castle. It was later discovered that the photo was taken the previous year, but the cold weather did cause the same effect during the polar vortex of 2014.

    frozen niagra falls

    6. More evidence showing just how cold it was during the polar vortex of 2014, this photo shows a partially frozen Niagara Falls. On a day of record setting cold in Niagara in January, the temperature was -2 degrees Fahrenheit, but with the wind chills it felt more like -20 degrees Fahrenheit.  

    While most of you probably have not seen storms like these before, we’re willing to bet that you’re still fighting some ice this winter. Visit Polar Ice Melt today to help control the icy parts of your home and work.