Winter Activities That Make the Season Fly By

Winter can be a hard time to get your family out of the house and enjoying the outdoors. At Polar Ice Melt, we have put together a list of fun activities that will help you forget how much you hate the snow and ice, and have you wishing winter was longer.


Finding a tubing hill near your home is just a quick Google search away. This is a great family activity that gets the kids blood pumping and a quick adrenaline rush.


Snowshoeing is a fun way to help your family explore the winter landscape. Renting snowshoes is usually less than 20 dollars a person.


A group of people snow shoeing out in the snow in winter


Ice Skating

A fun activity to test your balance! Getting out on the ice will definitely be a bonding experience for your family as you see each other slip and fall. But as you begin to master it, you’ll love it.


Epic Fort Snowball Fight

Building a fort out outside and having a snowball fight will bring action to any boring snow day. Kick the kids outside to go build something and throw snow at each other. The best part is they will be exhausted by the end of it all!


Winter Picnic

Pack some soup or hot chocolate in a thermos and enjoy the snow and beautiful winter scenery. Bring sleds just in case you find a great hill nearby.


Winter Camping

Get out and make a snow cave, rent a yurt or get a cabin. Winter camping is very different than your average summer camping trip. A snow cave is definitely the most adventurous option, but renting a yurt or cabin can be fun, while still giving you a chance to enjoy nature, despite the cold weather.


Skiing and Snowboarding

The ultimate winter tradition. See if you or your kids have a future as a winter olympian and head up to the snow covered mountains. The best day to go up is when there is fresh snow. This nice powder will make it easy for first timers, especially when you fall. Avoid days when it is icy; it makes it hard to turn and keep control while speeding down the slopes.


Build a Snowman

Nothing says winter like a smiling snowman. Rolling up snow to build a frozen friend is a perfect way for kids to enjoy winter. No doubt they’ll be singing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from Disney’s Frozen.

A snowman out in the snow


Bring extreme sports to winter with snowmobiling. You can follow a trail and have a picnic in the snow and trees, or speed across a frozen lake. Lots of businesses rent snowmobiles, so you don’t have to worry about transporting them.


Build an Igloo

Get outside and make an amazing snow fort. This challenging architectural marvel made of snow and ice will have you spending the day making blocks of snow and ice. You can also take this chance to learn about eskimo culture.


Make a Huge Breakfast

Nothing is better than starting off a winter day with a big, warm breakfast. You can do anything from french toast and sausage to pancakes and bacon, or something more unique like a hearty breakfast casserole and ebelskivers.


Fireplace Campout

If snow caves aren’t your thing, just lay out a sleeping bag in front of your fireplace and make s’mores in your microwave. You can even turn on a movie or play video games. The best and warmest camping trip ever!


Hot Tubbing

There is nothing better than enjoying a nice hot tub while surrounded by snow and ice. Hot tubbing on a nice, clear night when you can enjoy the stars is even better.


Do a Puzzle

Taking some time to assemble a puzzle is good exercise for your brain. And it keeps you out of the cold!

Puzzle Pieces on a Table

Read a Book

Choose your favorite chair in the house and start reading that book you’ve wanted to start, but just haven’t had time. It’s also fun to sit near a window with a nice view where you can see the snow, but not feel it.

So stop talking about how much you hate the snow and start enjoying the season. Whether it’s by getting out in the snow and braving the elements, or cuddling up inside, make the most of this winter!