Five Strange Ice Creations

Ice Bike

What exactly was Colin Furze thinking when he decided to make bike wheels out of ice? We don’t have a clue. With terrible traction on asphalt, these wheels turned out to be pretty useless in your typical cycling settings, but things got pretty cool when Furze took his creation for a ride on top of a giant glacier. Assuming an arctic mountain-biking trip isn’t in your future plans, you can still enjoy the thrill of Furze’s antics by watching the YouTube video he created documenting the experience.

ice bike


Ice Truck

Car battery company Canadian Tire wanted to show the durability of their batteries in cold weather. Apparently a simple winter demonstration wouldn’t do. Instead they stripped a 2005 GMC Sierra and rebuilt the frame using ice. The Ice Truck weighed in at 11,000 lbs when it starred in the company’s commercial showcasing their batteries. Though the truck has since melted, it should go down as one the “coolest” cars that never made it to market.

ice truck


Ice Orchestra

The town of Luleå, Sweden, draws visitors hoping to grab a glimpse of the world-renowned Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Those who pass through this subarctic destination may be surprised to see how local musicians use the climate for entertainment. Wielding their trademark “ICEstruments”, the music group “Ice Music” performs concerts in a climate-controlled iglo-amphitheater using instruments made mostly out of ice. The group was founded by ice artist Tim Linhart, who has 30 years of experience sculpting the frozen stuff. Linhart crafts the ICEstruments for the group, including ICEviolins, ICEviolas, ICEguitars, and ICExylophones, which add a crisp, unique sound to their classical performances. Should you find yourself in Sweden’s northernmost destination, be sure to look for the rainbow-lit igloo in Gültzauudden nature park for some frozen fun.

violin made of ice


Playable Music Record

There’s something about Swedish music and ice that just makes sense. Stockholm-based Indie outfit Shout Out Louds decided to return from a three year hiatus by releasing their first single on a very unique medium. The band sent out ten “make-your-own-ice-record” kits to select fans and journalists, demonstrated here. Perhaps not the easiest keepsake to preserve, but definitely memorable.

playable ice music player


Ice Aircraft Carrier

When British genius Geoffrey Pyke invented Pykrete, a frozen mixture of water and sawdust, Prime Minister Winston Churchill enthusiastically considered the substance for use in war defense during the nation’s fight against Nazi Germany. The scheme eventually grew to the planning of an enormous aircraft carrier made up of Pyke’s invention. The project eventually lost priority when long-range fuel tanks were developed for aircraft, reducing the need for such a large aircraft carrier. Despite never making it to battle, the accounts of many high-ranking allied officials attest to the substance’s durability.

ice aircraft carrier