11 Must See Ice Slipping GIFs

Winter is almost here, and it’s time to break out the coats, jackets, gloves, beanies, and of course, the ice melt. At Brody Chemical, we’ve spent years perfecting our Polar Ice Melt so that you can get rid of slippery ice quickly and effectively. There are many injuries cause each year caused by slippery conditions, many of which could be avoided by using some ice melt. While there are some slips and falls that can result in horribly injury, there are also some cases where you just end up looking like a fool, and those results can be quite humorous. So, we’ve gathered some of the funniest GIFs involving people and animals underestimating just how slippery ice can be. Take a look:

1. High heeled boots and ice do not make a good combination.

2. For being new at walking, this little gal does well to stabilize herself, but sometimes gravity still wins.

3. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! We’re not sure what this guy was thinking; here’s hoping he uses his brain next time.

4. Why yes, a sheet of ice does make for a good breakdancing surface.

5. Next time you try to video bomb on live television, be sure to find your footing first.

6. Sometimes even skates don’t help.

7. Stairs and landings can be dangerous in the winter!

8. Even if you are accustomed to being on the ice, that's not a reason to underestimate it.

9. This cat is in for a world of frustration.

10. This goat has the right idea, and for the most part he lucks out.

11. This little guy is having a little too much fun.

Do yourself, and your pets, a favor and get your Polar Ice Melt today! Otherwise, we may have to add you to this list!