Importance of Pet-Safe Ice Melt

When it’s cold outside, getting to where you need to be can be difficult for everyone. The ice that coats streets, sidewalks, and other walkways is a major safety hazard. Thankfully, humans discovered ice melt salts that make their lives easier in the winter by melting the ice away.

Although this discovery has blessed mankind, people aren’t the only members of the animal kingdom that need to leave their homes to do business on a daily basis. Most pets need to go outside every single day, even during the winter. That means they use the same walkways that people use. Ice melt salts help people get anywhere on a winter day that they could get to on a summer day, but what effect do these salts have on pets?  

How Some Ice Melt Products Affect Your Pets

Snow and ice melt products are used to make our everyday lives safer, but that doesn’t mean that they are all safe for pets. Sadly, most ice melts leave a chemical behind that can burn the paws of animals. This is an issue in any community since pets walk where their owners walk around town. Nobody wants to see their pet in pain from simply walking around to the park, and nobody wants to be the store owner that caused harm to consumers’ pets by mistake. Pets should not be harmed simply because they need to walk around outside and do their business. They are a large part of every community, so their well being is important to a large portion of the public.

Pet-Friendly Ice Melt Products


Polar Ice Melt offers many different ice melt products, including some that pet-friendly. Our Eco Melt Ice Melt  is pet-safe so you don’t have to worry about harming any animals. It is effective at melting ice between the temperatures 32 degrees and -32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our signature Polar Ice Melt is also safe for pets and is ideal for melting ice in 32 to 0 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

These ice melt products keep your pets, your neighbor’s pets, and even wild animals safe during the winter time. While most ice melts are mined from the ground, Polar Ice Melt is harvested naturally through an evaporation collection process. This makes our ice melt the purest ice melt on the maket. With a clean ice melt, the chemical that burns animal paws found in other ice melts is nowhere to be found.

When it comes to winter weather, Polar Ice Melt products provide a safe way to melt icy walkways at your business and in your community. Check out our pet-friendly products by visiting our online store on our website. Don’t be the bad guy in the community that harms everyone else’s pets. Buy the purest, cleanest ice melt on the market today from Polar Ice Melt.