Importance of Pet-Safe Ice Melt

When it’s cold outside, getting to where you need to be can be difficult for everyone. The ice that coats streets, sidewalks, and other walkways is a major safety hazard. Thankfully, humans discovered ice melt salts that make their lives easier in the winter by melting the ice away.

Although this discovery has blessed mankind, people aren’t the only members of the animal kingdom that need to leave their homes to do business on a daily basis. Most pets need to go outside every single day, even during the winter. That means they use the same walkways that people use. Ice melt salts help people get anywhere on a winter day that they could get to on a summer day, but what effect do these salts have on pets?  

How Some Ice Melt Products Affect Your Pets

Snow and ice melt products are used to make our everyday lives safer, but that doesn’t mean that they are all safe for pets. Sadly, most ice melts leave a chemical behind that can burn the paws of animals. This is an issue in any community since pets walk where their owners walk around town. Nobody wants to see their pet in pain from simply walking around to the park, and nobody wants to be the store owner that caused harm to consumers’ pets by mistake. Pets should not be harmed simply because they need to walk around outside and do their business. They are a large part of every community, so their well being is important to a large portion of the public.

Pet-Friendly Ice Melt Products


Polar Ice Melt offers many different ice melt products, including some that pet-friendly. Our Eco Melt Ice Melt  is pet-safe so you don’t have to worry about harming any animals. It is effective at melting ice between the temperatures 32 degrees and -32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our signature Polar Ice Melt is also safe for pets and is ideal for melting ice in 32 to 0 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

These ice melt products keep your pets, your neighbor’s pets, and even wild animals safe during the winter time. While most ice melts are mined from the ground, Polar Ice Melt is harvested naturally through an evaporation collection process. This makes our ice melt the purest ice melt on the maket. With a clean ice melt, the chemical that burns animal paws found in other ice melts is nowhere to be found.

When it comes to winter weather, Polar Ice Melt products provide a safe way to melt icy walkways at your business and in your community. Check out our pet-friendly products by visiting our online store on our website. Don’t be the bad guy in the community that harms everyone else’s pets. Buy the purest, cleanest ice melt on the market today from Polar Ice Melt.

Fun & Safe Ice Melt Activities for Kids in Winter

Any parent that has been trapped indoors on a snowy day with a house full of children knows that it can be a serious exercise in patience. With nowhere to stretch their legs or burn their energy, children can easily grow rowdy and rambunctious as they search for ways to keep themselves occupied.

Before they turn your house upside down trying to find something to entertain themselves with, we think we’ve figured out a way we can help. There’s just one thing you’ll need: ice melt. That’s right, ice melt. It isn’t just for clearing your driveway, or getting your car free, it can be used for a variety of safe, fun activities that your children are sure to love. So check out this list of three of our favorite ice melt activities, and be prepared to have some fun!

*NOTE: It is important to use safe ice melt for all of these activities. Use an ice melt that is safe for concrete and eco- friendly. We recommend using Brody Chemical Polar Ice Melt in these activities because it is environmentally friendly and safe for children to touch and use.

Ice Rescue

ice rescue mission with legos

Every kid dreams of going on adventures to find long lost treasure or hidden dinosaur remains and fossils. So why not make that dream a reality? This activity will do exactly that by putting your child at the center of a critical ice excavation mission.


What you’ll need:

  • Water
  • A tupperware or plastic cup
  • An action figure, fake dinosaur bones, etc.
  • Safe ice melt
  • Toothpicks, tweezers, etc.

This activity is extremely simple, but we promise that it will keep your kids entertained for countless hours. First, fill your freezer-safe container with water, and place the subject to be frozen (i.e. action figure, bones, etc) inside. Place the filled container in the freezer, and allow enough time for all of its contents to freeze. Be sure not to overfill the container as the water will expand as it freezes, and may crack the container.

When the contents of the container are completely frozen, remove the ice from the container (running the container under warm water will help) and get ready to excavate! Have your child sprinkle ice melt on the frozen block and watch as the ice slowly melts away to reveal the hidden character. You can also give them a toothpick, or other tool (tweezers, a fork, etc.) and let them pick at the ice as it slowly melts away.


Colored Ice Art

colored ice project for kids

Unlock the artist within your child with this creative ice coloring activity. In this activity you will use ice melt and food coloring to make beautiful colored ice blocks that will captivate your child as they slowly melt and change colors.


What you’ll need:

  • Water
  • Freezer-safe tupperware
  • Safe ice melt
  • Food coloring
  • A dropper or spoon

The setup for this experiment is extremely simple and easy. First, fill your freezer-safe container most of the way with water and set it in the freezer until it is completely frozen. Next, remove the ice from the container by running it under some warm water for a few seconds.

Now comes the fun part. Have your children sprinkle some of the safe ice melt on the ice and watch as the block slowly starts to melt away. After a few minutes have your kids carefully use a dropper or spoon to add food coloring to the block. They will love watching the colors fill the tunnels and ridges created by the melting ice.

As the colored ice melts, it will create beautiful colors and patterns, but it can also make quite a mess. For that reason, it is best to place the block of ice on a tray with raised edges, or outdoors on concrete. If you choose to do the activity outdoors, be sure to use an ice melt that is concrete safe.


Fishing for Ice

ice fishing game for kids

This last experiment will let your kid go “ice fishing” from the comfort of your very own home. It is a really easy experiment that will keep your children fascinated and busy for hours at a time as they watch in amazement at the little ice cubes they catch.


What you’ll need:

  • Water
  • Ice cubes
  • Safe ice melt
  • A drinking cup
  • Some string

To set this experiment up simply fill a drinking cup with water and ice and place it on a table or flat surface. Have your child place the string in the water to “fish” for some ice cubes, and then have them remove the string and see that they didn’t catch anything. Next, have them place the string back in the water, and sprinkle some ice melt into the cup as “bait”. Have them wait a few seconds and then tell them slowly pull the string up and out of the cup.

They will be amazed to see the little ice cubes that they’ve caught attached to their string. For extra fun, you can make your own ice cubes with small, plastic fish frozen inside of them and let your children fish for them!

7 Cool Things Made of Ice

Winter means snow and ice, which also means it’s time for lots of shoveling, salting, and occasionally slipping. It doesn’t have to be all bad though.

From Hotels and castles to geometric drawings and trucks, here’s our list of the seven coolest things made of ice.

The Ice Hotel, Sweden

ice hotel in sweden


The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, is the world’s first hotel made completely of ice. Visitors walk through hallways of ice, stay in rooms of ice, and sleep on beds made of, you guessed it, ice! Each year the hotel melts and is designed again for the next year.


The Ice Maiden, China

snow sculpture of the ice maiden in China


snow sculpture in china; the ice maiden

Constructed in 2008, The Ice Maiden is the largest ice sculpture ever created. It took 600 sculptors to make the 115 ft high and 656 ft long sculpture. It was made as part of the annual Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin, China.

Lake Abraham, Canada

Frozen lake bubbles in lake abraham

Each year when Lake Abraham freezes over in Alberta, Canada, it traps thousands of frozen methane bubbles, creating a surreal, dreamlike winter landscape. The gas comes from decaying organic matter deep beneath the lake’s surface trying to escape.


Snow Drawings, Simon Beck
snow drawings

It may look like these drawings were made by aliens or flying saucers, but they were actually made by artist Simon Beck. Beck has been creating the intricate snow drawings for over ten years by walking across frozen lakes with snowshoes, a map, and a compass.

Eisriesenwelt, Austria
Eisriesenwelt, Austria

Eisriesenwelt, or world of the ice giants (German), is the largest ice cave in the world. Located in the Tennengebirge section of the Alps, the cave spans more than 26 miles and is made entirely of ice and limestone. This ice giant attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Midway Ice Castles, USA
midway ice castles in utah

Every year in Midway, Utah, Brent Christensen builds a giant castle out of ice complete with towering walls, tunnels, and slides. Each completed ice castle is made of more than 20,000,000 lbs of ice! The castles are illuminated every night by colorful lights that make the ice glow almost magically.


Ice Truck, Canada
functioning ice truck in Canada

In 2014, Canadian Tire decided to make a car out of ice to prove that their new battery could work in below freezing temperatures. The finished product was fully operational, weighed 14,000 lbs, and reached a top speed of 12 mph.

4 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe From Ice Melt

a pet cat and dog in the snow

We love ice melt and its practical uses during the winter, helping remove ice from sidewalks and driveways, but we love our furry friends even more. Some ice melts can cause serious side effects to animals if ingested or played on.

The two most common concerns when using ice melt with pets around are:

  • Ingesting large amounts that are poisonous
  • Playing or walking on ice melt frequently and the chemical on the ground getting into paws and drying out the soft pads.  

There are a few things you can do and be aware of to protect your pet in the winter from ice melt:

  1. Avoid sweet smelling ice melts. Although it is highly unlikely that your pet will eat enough ice melt to get them fatally sick, you can help by avoiding sweet smelling ice melts that may have an appealing taste for your pet.
  2. Keep a watchful eye. It is also a good idea to keep a watchful eye on your pet when they are outside. Stop them from eating snow or drinking from puddles where ice melt has been recently used.  
  3. Rinse paws. When your pet comes in from playing outside in the snow or taking a walk, it is likely they have gotten ice melt on their paws. Rinse your pet’s paws thoroughly to prevent ice melt from getting stuck in your furry friend’s paws and drying out their soft pads.
  4. Use pet friendly ice melt. Although many ice melts aren’t good for your pet, there have been advances in ice melts that aren’t harmful to animals. Our Ice Melter is completely harmless to all animals.

At Brody Chemical, we understand how much your pet means to you, so we wanted to make an ice melt that was effective in melting ice without being harmful to your pets and plants. Check out our pet-friendly ice melt and be ready to get rid of that slippery ice!